O scale Beaufort signal box


O scale Beaufort signal box


2 storey wooden building
A very typical design of signal box that can be seen everywhere, little details like this add a lot of realism to a layout.
Building dimensions are 292mm long includes stairs x 96mm wide
The Australian signal box is laser cut from 3mm MDF and skinned in real wood weatherboards in loving detail this will look fantastic in any model railway train set
This kit included lots of fine details including the clapboard walls, corrugated iron roof, stair handrails, finely reproduced doors and windows and lots of other detailed parts. 
The quality of the laser cut pieces makes this an excellent kit, with little need to trim or sand components making it so easy to assemble and adds greatly to the quality of the finished model.
This is an UNPAINTED Laser cut wood kit in O Scale 
All kits include step by step building instructions and are designed to be easy to put together 
Alleene’s Tacky Glue, PVA glue, any kind of wood glue or thick super glue is suitable to use to assemble these kits

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Weight 560 g
Dimensions 32 × 20 × 2 cm

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